7-Day Supply - CBD-Powered Protein Blend (Enhanced Chocolate Flavor)

Meet MaiaLife, the plant-based, CBD-powered supplement that can support any daily wellness routine.

Chocolate Flavored • 7-Day Supply are individually packaged • 28-Day Supply (includes 4 x 7 day packs) • Vegan • Gluten Free

25mg CBD
per serving

15g Plant Protein
per serving

Amino Acid Blend

Adaptogen Blend

Mushroom Varieties

Daily Support for Brain + Body

MaiaLife is a perfect addition to your daily routine.

As a dietary supplement, just mix 1 scoop (37g) with 10 oz. water, juice, dairy, plant-based milk or smoothie to power each and every day.

A Protein Powder that Does More

MaiaLife is packed with functional plant-based superfoods and offers an uplifting boost of vitamins and minerals.

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